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1) Conclusion of Contract
The indicated prices apply to bookings starting from 01.01.18 up to the publication of a new price list. With your booking notification you are entering a binding accommodation contract with the lessor. That can happen in writing, verbally or by telephone. Telephone information, special agreements and other warranties, no matter of which type, are non-binding and only part of the contract if they are confirmed in writing by us. For the lessor the contract shall become binding only once it has been confirmed by us in writing.

2) Payment
a) Camping
50.00 € immediately with booking (applies only for online booking). The remainder plus various additional expenses shall be payable on location on the day of departure. For bookings of less than 50.00 € the total sum is payable immediately.
b) Rental objects
In order to provide a definitive confirmation of your reservation, a pre-payment to the amount of 200.00 € shall be payable immediately with the booking. The remainder plus various additional costs shall be payable on location on the day of departure. For bookings of less than 200.00 € the total sum is payable immediately. If the pre-payment has not been received by us within 14 days, we shall be forced to delete your booking. Please also note our cancellation terms under point 5b (withdrawal rental objects).
c) Repayment
If the total amount is payed or transferred beforehand, the over-payed amount shall not be refunded nor credited in any way and thus be retained in case of premature departure.

3) Additional costs
Additional costs such as electricity consumption must be settled at reception on the day of departure.

4) Total rent
The amounts for rent and additional services are according to our price list. These are confirmed by us in writing. Changes in the actual duration of the stay shall not reduce these.

5) Withdrawal
a) Camping
Up until the booked date at 6:00 p.m. you may withdraw in writing at any time without stating reasons. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please do so only in writing, not by telephone. In case of withdrawal, the following cost lump sums will be retained:
Up to 21 days before the beginning of renting: 50.00 €; after that the full rental sum is due.
Pitches that are not occupied one day after beginning of renting at 09.00 a.m. for which no written agreement has been made specifying a later occupation, can be used otherwise by the camping site administration. The same applies for pitches that become free through early departure.
b) Rental objects
Up to the start of the booked date, you can cancel your booking at any time in writing. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please do so only per registered letter, not by telephone. Our claim to the agreed remuneration will remain, even if you fail to begin your holiday. The reasons of the cancellation are irrelevant.
In case of cancellation up to 28 days before arrival, the deposit of 200.00 € will be withheld. We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance.
In case of cancellation within less than 28 days, the total amount is payable.
The lessor is obliged to pay compensation in the event that the accommodation is not provided, to a maximum of the amount of the agreed rental fee.

6) Rental objects
a) The occupancy can take place according to the maximum number of persons as specified in the price list and only with the indicated persons.
The stay of pets is not permitted in the rental objects.
b) The tenants are obligated to treat the objects and their contents with care and to use them only with the number of persons as agreed to in the contract.
Please check your rented object, the inventory and other articles upon arrival. Please hand in the handover certificate, in which any defects should also be noted, to our service staff or the reception on the same day. We wish to provide the perfect services for you – for which we need your help. Damaged and lost inventory as well as other rental objects are to be refunded by the tenant. The tenant shall also be liable for fellow travellers. The conclusion of a special liability insurance is possible.
e) The object is to be handed over by you in a tidy and broom clean condition. This includes: Cleaning of the cutlery, the pots etc., the emptying of the refrigerator, disposal of the garbage. The handover of the keys shall be carried out before departure.

7) Campsite rules
The tenant as well as any fellow travellers are obliged to observe the posted campsite rules, particularly regarding the quiet/rest periods (10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.). In case of serious breaches, the lessor shall be entitled to termination without notice even without prior warning. A claim for a (partial) refund of the rent is excluded. For reasons of lawn regeneration, please note that no foils may be laid out in the awning area.

8) Bonus and discount cards
In the case of online reservation, the following applies in connection with various bonus and discount cards (e.g. General German Automobile Association Card):
If the made down payment exceeds the reduced invoice amount on departure, the balance cannot be refunded. Furthermore, in the case of payment of the entire invoice amount in advance, bonus and discount cards cannot be used or attributed at a later time.

9) Errors
We reserve the right to rectify errors as well as printing or calculation mistakes.

10) Visitors
Only the registered persons may use the camping site. Day visitors only upon prior registration at the reception, overnight guests must pay the respective valid prices incl. visitor’s tax.

11) Driving on the site
Is permitted only with a valid registration confirmation.

12) Liability
Every guest commits himself/herself to treat the inventory and the pitch with care. Furthermore, he/she is obligated to replace any damages caused.

13) Arrival and departure
The booked pitch is available on the day of arrival from 2:00 p.m. and must be handed over on the day of departure by 10:00 a.m. Rented accommodation can be moved into at 3:00 p.m. and must also be vacated by 10:00 a.m.

14) Price increase
Annual price increases and changes of the season periods subject to change by us.
The shown prices on booking confirmations are no longer valid after a price increase or a change of the season period.

15) Severability clause
If individual provisions of this contract are or become ineffective, their general gist and intended purpose shall be valid. In any case, all remaining clauses shall be valid.



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